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Customer Insights. Faster.

Our Programs

Whether you are launching a new program or upgrading an existing one -  drive a faster pace of design and insights with agile Net Promoter Score.

Agile NPS for Faster Customer Insights

Accelerate ROI

Forrester reports that only 42% of companies use technology to support their Voice of the Customer research. An even smaller percentage use Customer Feedback Management platforms on a regular basis. Rapid advancement in these technologies have created immediate ROI opportunities for companies across all industries.

Why NPS?

Net Promoter Score is the gold standard for measuring customer feedback and loyalty. Today's focus must be extended to the entire customer experience. At Signal59 we measure NPS in an ongoing model to ensure rapid feedback and insight development.

Segmenting and Analytics

NPS is often measured incorrectly, which can cause a business to head in the wrong direction. Only flawless execution of the NPS process will deliver true insights. But the most valuable data comes from proper segmentation and deep data analysis.

What is the Best Survey Platform?

Signal59 works with the best and most modern software for gathering NPS data at key points in the overall customer experience. This includes AskNicely, Delighted, Qualtrics and more.  Our innovative process and strategy results in insights which help all aspects of the business to evolve.

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