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Employee Insights. Faster.

Our Programs

Use weekly pulse survey design for employee conversations that deliver ongoing insights, ideas and feedback in real-time.

Employee Experiences with TINYpulse

What Do Your Employees Know?

Virtually everything. However they need a credible and trusted channel to provide their input and feedback. TINYpulse is the innovative leading software for gathering real-time information from the team. Gone are the days of an annual employee survey.

It Is All About The Culture

It is often said that culture is more important than strategy. The first step in building a great culture is having terrific communication internally. The second step is to scale this communication infrastructure as your company grows.

In Real Time

With TINYpulse you can ask your employees one key question each week. You will gather immediate feedback through the survey platform. Recommendations resulting from this feedback can be launched days later.

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