NPS Benefits

Expert Adviser

Grow your business faster with an agile approach to Net Promoter Score across the entire customer experience. Research by Bain & Company has shown that on average net promoter leaders outgrew competitors by a factor more than 2X. Innovations in software to collect and analyze net promoter scores now allow companies to constantly collect data and input it into product development and customer experience design.


Key advantages of using NPS include:


  • Simple and agile. NPS surveys typically require just two or three questions which promote high response rates. Many customers do not view these as surveys and in fact, appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback. The NPS can be calculated quickly and tracked from week to week and month to month.


  • Segmentation. Through deep analysis of the data, a company is able to gain insights from various segments and demographics. For example, the data may show that younger customers appreciate a specific feature that is less important to older customers. This insight can then be used in overall customer experience design.


  • Multiple channels. NPS data are most successfully gathered through email, both desktop and mobile. Data can also be collected over the phone or at the point of service.


  • Immediate follow-up. An enterprise software approach now allows feedback to be directed to the department or employee most able to impact a solution. Delight your customers with fast turnaround whether they are detractors or promoters.


  • Research and benchmarks. Multiple benchmarks exist by industry and company size to provide relative metrics on NPS. If you are just launching your NPS program you can quickly determine how your score falls in line with similar companies.


  • Flexible structure. NPS can be structured to focus on specific products or overall relationships. In addition, NPS can be used as an excellent baseline metric during the evolution of the company as new products roll out, prices change or competitors arise.


Many industry leaders have implemented NPS across the entire business. For a partial list of companies using NPS click here.