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NPS Design for Companies

Create customer obsessed lean teams focused on innovating your products and services. Grow faster.


Our process starts with an executive strategy and business plan. Key steps include culture planning and internal communication design. We select the right software for you, then develop the best survey design and response workflow for your company.


We employ a collaborative process with you for software customization and beta testing. Our segmentation plan will create richer data. We QA the overall structure and then launch. Follow-up on individual responses in real-time with approved branded messaging. Push positive feedback through social channels.


Our initial data analysis is followed by deep analytics in search of correlations. A bottom-up analysis will identify early qualitative trends. And our insight definitions will create actionable data. Next, develop future planning, hypothesis testing and optimizations.


We help you communicate insights and results internally to develop business improvement ideas. Accelerate customer insights and product development. Our culture plan aligns all teams to delight customers and drive higher NPS scores. We refine ongoing surveys daily, weekly and monthly.

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