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NPS Survey Methods: Quickbooks and Bank of America

Quickbooks is the dominant accounting software used by millions of businesses every day. Quickbooks is made by Intuit, a company laser focused on customer experience, sales and renewals. As part of this focus Intuit generates NPS for all its products both BtoB and BtoC (think TurboTax).

While most NPS survey data are collected via email, software companies have the unique opportunity to collect NPS data directly from the product interface while the customer is using it. A good example is below, in which Quickbooks launches the survey as a pop-up box while the customer is logged-in and using the product.

This method is highly effective because the product is top of mind with the customer at that very moment. In classic NPS style, this survey can be completed in less than 60 seconds and provides Intuit with valuable feedback from a customer in real-time. This execution is also highly cost effective in that there is little cost to implement and the response rate will be exceptionally high.

An alternative style executed via Bank of America is the two step process below. In the first step BofA collects the initial NPS score only, which generates a high response rate because it is only one question. Even if the consumer does not complete the second step qualitative question, BofA will save the initial score.

After clicking Next the consumer receives the second question:

Note that after this second question the button says Next instead of Submit. At this point BofA has collected both NPS questions and then asks a few additional questions about specific customer experience topics. The survey will have "drop-off" after each question with a reduction in respondents. However this model can be very effective in collecting the data in a highly prioritized manner.

Both methods are effective at surveying customers while they use the product. Response rates may differ between the one screen and two screen methodology. There is not a specific best practice as one version may work better or worse for a specific company.

Luckily, this is an easy test to run for every company - to determine whether the one screen or two screen method generates a higher response rate. But overall, the methodology for software companies of collecting data while the customer is using the product will generate high quality data in real-time.

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